Physicians' Care Network is an independent physicians' association (IPA). In this role, the organization contracts with managed care organizations and health plans to arrange for the delivery of healthcare to patients by physicians who are members of Physicians' Care Network.

Our Mission Statement

"Physicians Care Network facilitates physician's delivery of excellent healthcare in a way that physicians and their patients find rewarding."

The IPA does not manage the physicians' practices, but the physicians agree to see patients under certain guidelines. This structure allows Physicians' Care Network physicians to provide the highest level of medical care while controlling health care costs.

We are able to achieve these goals through efficient business management and a commitment to preventive and primary care measures provided by our primary care physicians. This network offers patients access to some of the finest physicians in North Central Florida, providing excellence in care at every stage of life.
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PCN Observed Holidays

PCN Observes the following holidays, at which time the Administrative Office will be closed:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving day and day after
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas day

What we do:


Physicians’ Care Networks negotiates with managed care organizations (MCOs) and health plans for fair and competitive contracts and supportive provider relations. By executing one contract with PCN and maintaining one credentials file, a PCN physician gains access to multiple contracts. And since the MCOs can execute one contract with PCN and gain access to the 650 credentialed physicians who participate in PCN, we are confident that we have fair and balanced contracts.

Our local staff works closely with contracted MCOs to ensure supportive provider relations. In the event there is a patient care issue or a claims payment issue, PCN will act as a liaison for our physicians.

We’ve included a list of MCO contracts we have negotiated for our members. For more information about these and other contracts in the negotiation process, contact the staff at Physicians' Care Network at (352) 371-9999.
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We endeavor to use the purchasing power of the organization to negotiate deep discounts on services and supplies you use every day.
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The Physicians’ Care Network Board of Directors is composed of physician members who are appointed by their peers. The role of the Board of Directors is to identify and address issues that are important to PCN members. If you are a member of PCN and have a concern, or if you are interested in membership, contact the PCN office or one of the board members listed below.

Name  Practice Type  Location 
Bruce Thomas, MD Family Medicine Bell
Angeli Akey, MD Internal Medicine Gainesville
Thomas Benton, MD, President     Pediatrics Gainesville
Joseph Cauthen, MD Neurosurgery Gainesville
William Doyle, MD Anesthesiology Gainesville
Chris Grainger, MD Family Practice Ocala
Cherylle Hayes, MD Radiology Oncology    Gainesville 
Joseph Hildner, MD Family Practice Belleview
Calvin Martin, Jr., MD Family Practice Ocala
Henry Richter, MD General Practice Ocala
Elizabeth Sanders, DO Family Practice Gainesville

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Physicians’ Care Network Standing Committees

There are four Committees that report to the Board of Directors: Credentials, Contracts, Quality Assurance / Utilization Management, and Executive. If you are a member of PCN and want to serve on a Committee, contact PCN or the Committee Chair listed below.

Credentials Committee
The Credentials Committee is chaired by William Doyle, MD. The Credentials Committee is responsible for reviewing physician applications for admission into Physicians’ Care Network. It also oversees the re-credentialing for members, which occurs every three years. The Committee will review concerns raised by members such as quality assurance and performance requirements.
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Contracts Committee
The Contracts Committee chair is currently open. The Contracts Committee has several important roles. First, it reviews contract opportunities, e.g. a physician request to join the IPA. The Contracts Committee assesses the needs of the network and makes appropriate recommendations. Second, the Contracts Committee reviews all contracting opportunities with managed care organizations, health plans, and vendors. Finally, in conjunction with the QA / UM Committee, this Committee develops allocation plans for surplus revenues garnered under MCO and vendor contracts.
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Quality Assurance / Utilization Management
The QA / UM Committee is chaired by Robert Ashley, MD. The Committee takes a proactive approach to quality assurance by defining performance standards and developing tools physician practices can use to achieve these standards. For practices achieving a high level of performance, the Committee, in conjunction with the Contracts Committee, distributes surplus revenues from health plans. The Committee also addresses quality concerns raised by members.
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Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is chaired by Board President, Tom Benton, MD. The Executive Committee is made up of the Chairs of the three other committees, plus the President of the Board. The Committee serves in an Ad-Hoc capacity, providing leadership and limited decision-making on items requiring immediate action.
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Physicians’ Care Network Executive Committee-
Executive Committee Members

Thomas B. Benton, MD
Dr. Benton is one of the original members of Physicians’ Care Network, having signed on in 1993. He is the current President of the PCN Board of Directors. He studied medicine at the University of Florida and has been in private pediatric practice since 1988. In addition, he serves as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the UF College of Medicine Pediatrics Department. He is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. A few interesting things about Dr. Benton: he is certified as a chemist by the American Chemical Society, has studied the German language in Germany, and has served as an English instructor for Native Spanish Speakers. Dr. Benton chairs the Executive Committee.
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Robert Ashley, MD
Dr. Ashley chairs the QA / UM Commitee. 
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William Doyle, MD
Dr. Doyle chairs the Credentials Commitee.
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1993 -
Paul Rusinski, MD (Emergency Med) conceived the idea of starting an IPA.
1993 -
Idea presented locally to Alachua County Medical Society; concept was well received; Bob Casey, MD (Family Practice) was the first physician to sign up, followed by 200 other Alachua county (Region #3) physicians. Executive Director was appointed and first office opened in the historic Seagle Building in Gainesville, Florida.
1995 -
First network access contract with PPO.
1996 -
First risk contract with HMO; contract with Phycorp for third party administrator services.
2000 -
Phycorp contract terminated by FIPA; Med3000 contract executed.
2001 -
FIPA #3 reaches 10,000 covered lives with annual revenue of $7.2 million.
2001 -
InfoSource, an on-line resource for insurance verification, claims status, and referral processing, is made available to members.
2001 -
Kimberly Kauffman appointed PCN Executive Director.
2002 -
IPA contract with Group Purchasing Services to make group purchasing rates available to members.
2002 -
IPA contract with ClientTell to make patient appointment reminder service available to members.
2002 -
Physicians' Care Network maintains two HMO contracts, covering more than 20,000 lives.
2003 -
Executive Committee created to assist in Ad-hoc issues.
2003 -
IPA contracts with single payor PPO.
2004 -
IPA contracts with multipayor PPO.
2005 -
IPA contract with national PPO.
2006 -
IPA contracts with one Medicare Advantage plan and one Medicaid managed care plan.
2007 -
IPA contracts with two Medicare Advantage plans and partners with Health First Network (another IPA based in Pensacola) to develop Patient Care First Network for Medicaid contracting.
2008 -
IPA contracts with Medicare Advantage plan and develops partially self-funded group insurance options for member physicians as employers. Physicians' Care Network contracts with eight health plans, covering more than 40,000 lives. More than 550 credentialed physicians are members of PCN.
2009 -
Negotiated an exclusive liability insurance program with FPIC that provides a 25% discount on base rates for PCN members.

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