Website of American Academy of Dermatology. Has a Public Resource Center with information on Dermatology Health topics, skin cancer screenings, rashes, publications.
Website of American Academy of Emergency Medicine. Emergency Medicine Topics.
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Facts about asthma and allergies, including food allergies, skin allergies and seasonal allergies. Has an "Ask the Allergist" section. Education, research and support groups related to allergies and asthma. Has educational programs and resources for children, parents, caregivers, adolescents. Posters, information and action cards, brochures. On-line resources and down-loads.
Website of American Academy of Family Practice Physicians. Great website for info on clinical care and research; practice management, Patient Education, Periodic Health Screenings.
Website of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Has good medical information. Contains a Patient and Public Information Section, along with a Library and Archives section.
Website of American Academy of Pediatrics. Site has Professional Education and Resources. There are additional resources and information for parents on Children's Health Topics; Immunization Information; Info on all stages of development, infancy to age 21. Also has info on other health topics, diseases and conditions affecting children.
AARP Website that explores health issues, medications, medical testing, information on Medicare and Insurance, staying healthy. Has information on diseases under "Frequently Requested Topics". Has healthy living section with tips on exercise, managing stress. Has on-line fitness course and physical activity workbook.
AARP Bulletin with HealthCare Information, Alerts and bulletins
Website of American College of Cardiology. Clinical website for healthcare professionals. Has Clinical guidelines and standards for the management of patients with chronic and acute heart failure; guideline on CABG's. Pocket guideline on CHF.
Website of American College of Physicians/American Society of Internal Medicine. Good site for clinical information and disease-state information. Detailed articles on various diseases such as HTN, diabetes.
Website of the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. Site contains detailed clinical information on clinical outcomes data, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, consumer information, prevention and wellness. Has quality tools, tools for managed care, child health toolbox.
Patient Assistance Programs Resource Center. Site was launched in 2005 by Amer. Society of Health System Pharmacists and Amer. Pharmacy Assoc. & offers info on federal and state drug benefits, pharmaceutical manufacturer assistance programs and discount Rx cards.
Astro-Zeneca Pharmaceutical Web Site with information for Health Care Professionals, patients and families. Has clinical trials info; links to other medical websites; Body Map; Interactive learning tools including fun games for children related to childhood asthma and other childhood diseases.
Website of American Cancer Society. Provides health information for healthcare professionals, patients, parents, families and friends; specific cancer disease state information; Pt teaching tools.
Website of American Medical Association
Cardiovascular & Circulatory Disease Info. Great site for clinical information. New Heart Failure Guideline. Free cookbook. Patient information on recognizing signs and symptoms of heart disease. Women's Heart Disease Awareness articles. Free newsletter about heart health topics. Exercise Diary.
Information on a variety of general health issues
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Web Site. Get facts and resources on diseases and conditions. Has public health library; prevention of chronic diseases journal. Travelers health section. CDC Health Protection Goals.
CDC site with information about diabetes. Has links to other publications and professional materials.
CMS Manuals
CMS Info
Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage for Providers
Toolkit for Health Care Professionals on the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage; includes materials to distribute to Medicare pts.
US Health & Human Resources. Information on diseases and conditions; information for families and children, vaccines, safety and wellness, aging, drug and food information, info on specific populations, disaster and emergency information. Has a Reference Collection with on-line dictionaries, libraries, Fact Sheets.
Website of American Diabetes Association. Provides information on diabetes for HealthCare Professionals, parents, & kids. Has recipes for diabetics, healthy living advice; patient information.
Aventis Pharmaceutical site with patient info about diabetes. This site has useful tools for diabetic patients including calorie counter.
Website of FL Dept of Health
State of Florida Medical Quality Assurance Board
State of Florida Applicant & Renewal Site and Nurse Practice Act
Website of American College of Surgeons
American Academy of Family Practice. Has professional, printable handouts.
US Food & Drug Admin. Has information on numerous healthcare topics and diseases. Provides info on prescription drugs, drug abuse treatments, lasers, hair products, cosmetics, multiple diseases and conditions.
Florida Medicaid Program
State of Florida Medicaid Formulary
Florida Medicare Information
Search of Florida Statutes
This site contains an on-line version of the magazine, Family Medicine Net Guide. It also features a Teen Health Department. Click on the Medical Site Listing for a detailed listing of up-to-date information on diseases and resources for clinical information. The diabetes portal has detailed diabetes info and research. Also has info on such topics as digestive disorders, ear infections, men's health, women's health, migraines, etc.
National Guidelines Clearinghouse. Public resource for accessing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. Can do a side-by-side comparison of guidelines for research of best practices.
Provides lifestyle modification programs in a consumer-powered environment with info from/for employer groups, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, healthplans. Has links to consumer health sites.
Links to Health Library & acts as search engine for on-line health info. Has a health library with hand-picked information from A-Z from the National Health Library; prevention and wellness tips; info on diseases and conditions and alternative medicine. Has on-line check-ups, such as checking your sleep IQ; check your COPD IQ. Information for Health Care Professionals and men and women of all ages.
MSN health website with health-related info, articles, and materials. Two items on Pediatric Asthma can be downloaded and printed: "Help your child Gain Control over Asthma", and a "fun book" for children named "Dusty, the Asthma Goldfish and his Asthma Triggers", with activities for them which may start a discussion between parent and child.
Website of Health on the Net Foundation. This website is a search engine for trustworthy medical information and medical articles on the net. Has information for Health Care Professionals, Patients and Individuals. Has healthcare surveys, E-health trends, medical news articles, trustworthy medical documents.
Information on a variety of general health issues. Site features the Harvard School of Medicine's School of Consumer Health Information. Has info on diseases and conditions; healthy lifestyles; Your Health; Dental Health. Has interactive tools; drug resource center; medical dictionary. "Ask the Expert" section where experts from Harvard Medical School answer questions from readers.
Website for Iowa Foundation for Medical Care with Heart Failure tools, clinical fact sheet with ace inhibitor guidelines for patient's hospitalized with heart failure. Has sample discharge instruction sheets - click on samples. Has inpatient and outpatient treatment guidelines for Consumers and Professionals on Acute MI, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, Diabetes Care, Surgical Infection, Breast Cancer, Adult Immunizations, etc.
Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical website with information on J & J products, health care resources, healthcare professionals link; info on the patient assistance programs for the uninsured.
Children's Health Website. Has a Parent's site. A Kids Site, and a Teen's Site. Information from Nemours.
Website of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America. Has detailed information about leukemias, lymphomas, myelomas and other blood diseases. Has treatment options and clinical trial info. Site offers free materials that can be read on-line, downloaded or ordered by mail. Patient education materials are offered in English, Spanish & French.
Diabetes Info from Lilly Pharmaceutical
Resources for Diabetes Info. Includes links to American Diabetes Association, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, American Association of Diabetic Educators. Patient Education Materials are available when you click on "Healthcare Professionals".
Website of American Lung Association. Information on treatments, options, and procedures for lung diseases. Decision support tools are tailored to the lung diagnosis, giving the pros and cons of each treatment, side effects, questions to ask your doctor about your condition. Has a section on "Patient Tools" and a section on "Tools for Health Professionals". Has a "Ask a lung health question" section.
Click on Clinical Practice Guidelines for Adult Depression Guidelines
Website of March of Dimes. Site contains information on pregnancy, prematurity, birth defects. Sign up for free monthly newsletter with articles for parents. NICU Support Group.
Mayo Clinic Website. Contains health information from A-Z. Has information on managing a condition; "Ask A Specialist" section; treatment decisions; drugs and supplements; Healthy Recipes; health tools; healthy living tips.
This is the web site for the magazine MD Net Guide, which is designed to help Health Care Professionals keep up with the rapidly expanding world of medical information, research and resources available on line. Has a clinical focus area. Click on Patient Education Resources for patient-friendly sites for information on various diseases. Contains detailed, up-to-date information on medical specialty areas.
Site is designed to facilitate connecting physicians and patients on-line. Site has Disease Management programs for physicians. Has Medical Library for patients and education programs for patients. Has a "find a physician" link. Sign up for a free children's health newsletter.
Medline Medical Library - Has Information on all Disease States
Great site for Clinical Professionals with up-to-date Disease Information. Site has Patient Education Tools; no-cost CEU articles for nurses; Clinical Newsletters; Case Studies and Disease Guidelines. Drug Reference Library.
A medical resource site maintained by the staff of the Robert Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University. Site contains information on evidence-based medicine, patient care, practice guidelines, consumer health, diseases and conditions, publications.
Website has information and resources related to Mental Health Dx.
Clinical resource and medical education site from Merck Pharmaceuticals. Can download and request patient information. Has health risk assessment health tools; Health Library. Good patient education materials. Sign on to Merck Medicus site for patient handouts, care guides, and information on conditions and diseases for patients.
MerckMedicus website with over 250 Patient Handouts. Healthcare professional can select disease entity, and print information. Also can personalize handout and add medical photographs.
AHCA Home Page
Good web site for clinical information on diabetes and for patient & provider education materials on diabetes.
Dynamic site with information on a wide variety of pharmaceutical patient assistance programs. Has local and state programs; Info on discount drug cards; Needy Meds Manual; Brand Name List and Generic Drug List.
New England Journal of Medicine. Has CME Articles. In-depth clinical articles on medically-related topics. Case Records; clinical practice articles; search issues of New England Journal of Medicine.
Guideline on Obesity & Links to other disease guidelines
Website of Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases. Good website for information on Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney diseases. See below.
National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse. Has large amount of information and Patient Education and Teaching Materials on Diabetes, Digestive Diseases and Kidney and Urological Diseases. Maintains a large library of diabetes-related materials that can be down-loaded for free from the Internet, ordered over the phone, or mailed to an address. Full text versions of all materials can be found at, under Health Information. They are not copyrighted. You are welcome to download, print, and distribute materials freely. Single copies can be mailed anywhere in the US or US territories.
National Institute of Health Website. Has health information from A-Z, grant and funding opportunities, health-related news and events; medical research.
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Clinical information for patients, the general public, health care professionals and researchers. Has assessment tools; clinical trials information, interactive tools and resources.
National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Website. Contains information for patients, the public, and health care professionals. Has clinical trial information. Asthma slide sets for download. Guidelines for diagnosis and management of asthma.
Website of the National Jewish Medical and Research Center. Non-sectarian, independent clinical research center focusing on respiratory, immunologic, allergy and infectious diseases to advance the management of these disorders. Good site for information on treatments and medications for lung diseases including asthma, pneumonia and COPD. Has free service for Physicians to call for free phone consultation with a National Jewish Medical Center Physician, or e-mail physician to physician. Case Managers may call or e-mail to request educational literature. Site has free booklet on diseases.
Website of National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health. Health information for the general public, health care professionals and researchers. Access to various databases and resources; current health news; network of medical libraries; clinical trials site; senior health site; Medline Plus; Health and Drug information for patients, families and friends. Info available in spanish, also.
Website of National Osteoporosis Foundation. Has complete information on osteoporosis for Health Care Professionals and patients. Has list of professional resources, FAQ's, Fall Prevention guidelines. Has clinical guideline on osteoporosis that can be downloaded.
National Institute of Health, National Resource Center Site for Information on Osteoporosis and Related Bone Disorders. Information on Paget's Disease, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and other bone diseases. Has Fact Sheets on Bone Disorders & Links to other sites.
Pfizer home page with health resources listing and articles related to children's health, men's health, and women's health. Has listing of health publications and various health-related web sites.
Additional Pfizer Pharmaceutical Website with information on various conditions and diseases, healthcare professionals site and patient education and information; has links to other healthcare related websites.
Federal Consumer Info Center with publications and guides to resources on multiple topics including free disability guide; info on social security, sports health and safety, Consumer Products.
Info on VHA/DOD Clinical Guidelines
VHA/DOD Diabetic Guideline
Website of National Organization for Rare Disorders. Has news and information, research, programs and services for patients with rare diseases or genetic diseases. Has RN hotline to answer questions related to caring for someone with a rare disease. Has a rare disease database with over 2000 organizations listed as resources and other sources of help.
Website of FL Dept of Children and Families. Site contains information on abuse hotlines, adoption and foster care, adult services, child care, community-based care, community services, domestic violence, homelessness, substance abuse and mental health services.
On-Line Senior Living Resources Guide. Contains information on senior life issues: retirement advise; senior education, medical matters; travel and leisure; info on Alzheimers; Pharmacy Drugs; Senior Resources. Has a detailed list of "Who to call for Help and Information" on over 50 Agencies - Abuse Hotlines; Elder Help Lines; Elder Care Issues; Elder Advocate Services; state-wide nursing, SNF, Rehab, and LTC facilities.
WebMD website. Has assessment tools; lifestyle improvement programs on fitness and nutrition. Information on conditions and diseases from A-Z. Free newsletters. Message boards. Drug database.
US Dept of Health & Human Services Federal Website & Source for Women's Health Information. Has info on women's health issues; health topics; health tools such as calculators & screening tools; heart disease & other disease assessment tools; immunizations; symptoms and tests dictionaries and journals; section for health professionals; frequently asked questions on different diseases and conditions.

Diabetes Resources for juvenile diabetes:
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation: 1-800-JDF-CURE
Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston: 617-732-2400
American College of Pediatricians Information
Safe Kids Coalition
Reliable medical information


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