Physicians’ Care Network Standing Committees
There are four Committees that report to the Board of Directors:  Credentials, Contracts, Quality Assurance / Utilization Management and Executive. If you are a member of PCN and want to serve on a Committee, contact PCN or the Committee Chair listed below.

Credentials Committee
The Credentials Committee is chaired by William Doyle, MD. The Credentials Committee is responsible for reviewing physician applications for admission into Physicians’ Care Network. They also oversee the re-credentialing for members, which occurs every three years. The Committee will review concerns raised by members such as quality assurance and performance requirements.
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Contracts Committee
The Contracts Committee chair is open. The Contracts Committee has several important roles. First, they review contract opportunities, e.g. a physician request to join the IPA. The Contracts Committee assesses the needs of the network and makes appropriate recommendations. Second, the Contracts Committee reviews all contracting opportunities with managed care organizations, health plans and vendors. Finally, in conjunction with the QA / UM Committee, this Committee develops allocation plans for surplus revenues garnered under MCO and vendor contracts.
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Quality Assurance / Utilization Management
The QA / UM Committee is chaired by Robert Ashley, MD . The Committee takes a proactive approach to quality assurance by defining performance standards and developing tools physician practices can use to achieve these standards. For practices achieving a high level of performance, the Committee, in conjunction with the Contracts Committee, distributes surplus revenues from health plans. The Committee also addresses quality concerns raised by members.
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Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is chaired by Board President, Tom Benton, MD. The Executive Committee is made up of the Chairs of the three other committees, plus the President of the Board. The Committee serves in an Ad-Hoc capacity, providing leadership and limited decision-making on items requiring immediate action.
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 Physicians’ Care Network Executive Committee-
Executive Committee Members

Thomas B. Benton, MD
bentonDr. Benton is one of the original members of Physicians’ Care Network,having signed on in 1993. He is a Past President of the PCN Board of Directors. He studied medicine at the University of Florida and has been in private pediatric practice since 1988. In addition, he serves as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the UF College of Medicine Pediatrics Department. He is board-certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. A few interesting things about Dr. Benton: he is certified as a chemist by the American Chemical Society, has studied the German language in Germany, and served as an English instructor for Native Spanish Speakers. Dr. Benton chairs the Executive Committee.
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Robert Ashley, MD


William Doyle, MD

Dr. Doyle joined Physicians’ Care Network in 1995 and has over 37 years experience in his field. He graduated from LSU School of Medicine in 1984 and is affiliated with Anethesiology Associates of North Florida PA.  
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